Afm Television Videotape Agreement

What makes this contract unique is that, under this AFM agreement, the business unit is the song – not the time – and it is the only AFM recording agreement that allows the player to negotiate his own tariff with a minimum of $100 per song. All pension and health and social security benefits are set up within the round number you negotiate; It`s another first. I hope that all of you, who register for yourself and others, will consider using this agreement to document your work and build your retirement. As mentioned earlier, this can be a game change, but only if you use it! Otherwise, you risk losing all your intellectual property rights for the registration work you are refining. Once you`ve done it once or twice, it becomes easy to use. It can really make a difference for you, your local, and the AFM. Respect yourself and protect yourself! Note: The above agreements are merely summaries of collective agreements. For effective agreements, please contact the Electronic Media Services Division of the American Federation of Musicians. If it`s music for a TV show, what kind of show (special diversity, talk show, sports or theme event, documentary, sitcom, awards, etc.)? What type of television is the program broadcast (network, basic cables, payment cables, PBS, local television, etc.)? The Single Song Overdub Agreement can be reached in (in the Document Library, Single Song Overdub) and (at « Recording » and then « Scales, Forms – Agreements »). I recently made a short teaching video explaining how this agreement is used. It is available on YouTube on the Nashville Musicians Association channel in What is the type of project (music recorded for a CD release/download, commercial ad, TV show, film, etc.)? If it`s a TV movie, an episodic script, a television documentary, a sitcom, etc., are musicians engaged in front of the camera? This innovative concept has been specifically designed for home recordings that — no mistake — take place in the United States and Canada. Affordable recording technology has profoundly changed the world of music, and in AFM, AFM members take to small studios that are often in their homes.

Overdubs, which are registered and shared on the Internet, have become commonplace, and it is the first AFM agreement that recognizes this new business model.