City Of Tshwane Benchmarking Agreement

« I wouldn`t say the city is broke. If we take the money that has to pay for services and electricity, we will disrupt services. finances are weak. I can`t sacrifice the community for the workers. « As you know, the countryside and the city are facing serious problems in Covid 19, and in this case we have lost revenue, but we have agreed to get back to work and do something to keep the promises made by the city. The calibration agreement, signed between the metro, the SA Municipal Workers` Union (Samwu) and the Municipal and Independent Allied Union (Imatu), aimed to place the wages of Tshwane workers on the same benchmark as those of their colleagues in the other seven subways of the country. Its has eight metropolitan councillors. There were service delivery interruptions with services that stopped in the city after Samwu employees overturned tools on the calibration impasse. « Samwu will consult with members on the employer`s proposal, it is only the members who will grant the mandate of regional leadership in this matter. Until this process is complete, the union believes that there is no agreement, but advanced discussions. « The city is broke because incomes have dropped. They are lucky to still have work to do. Covid-19 is not just a national problem, it is a global pandemic. I don`t understand why they don`t see that the city is facing challenges, » Nawa says. Pretoria – While progress has been made, nothing has been set in stone with regard to the impasse between the Regional Union of Municipal SA Workers (Samwu) and the municipality of Tshwane over calibration payments.

He explains that the city will jeopardize service delivery if both payments are made. The Tshwane metro, which houses sa`s administrative capital, has once again bowed to pressure from trade unions and implemented an agreement that will equate the salaries of its employees with those of other high-level municipalities in the country. We will also inform members that after the payment of August 26, 2020, workers should prepare to be underpaid and overpaid. The employer should indicate, with immediate effect, who was overpaid and underpaid. Those who are overpaid must be able to reach an agreement on how they will repay the money. As for the agreement, the city should have paid workers a lump sum on July 26, as it dates back to 2017, when the subway was granted level 10.