Custody Agreement While Pregnant

If the father is aware of the involvement of paediatric services during the mother`s pregnancy, he can contact her to let her know that he wishes to be involved in the life of the child and if it is possible that the child is removed from the custody of the mother at birth, that he wishes to be considered for the child. Before child services are able to work with the father or share information with the father, they may be convinced that he is indeed the biological father and that he may have to assume parental responsibility. For more information on paternity confirmation, see our parentage explanation guide. Being pregnant again will probably have no influence on your custody. As long as you can provide a safe environment for your children, it will probably remain the same for you and your children. You are experiencing big changes in life and you shouldn`t worry too much about your child care plan. However, if you are witnessing a change, you should speak to your lawyer. It is important that you are prepared to meet all the challenges of your child care agreement. After all, it doesn`t matter if you`re in law – your former spouse can still face a challenge, and being ready for that challenge is to make sure you don`t interrupt your children`s lives too much. Your anxiety may be due to the fact that you are pregnant with another person while you are still married. While there is certainly a lot of social stigma against what happened, there is no real legal stigma.

While it could play a big role in your divorce and how things are doing financially, there is nothing particularly relevant about child care. While some may say it says something about your character, the law does not judge here. The law really only deals with the atmosphere in which your child is raised. If the mother is pregnant, the father has no right to contact or make pregnancy-related decisions. There are also problems that can surround the person with whom you have the child. It will be subject to the same control by the courts to which you are subject. If they are involved in behaviours that may pose a danger to you or your child, this can have a negative effect on your custody arrangements. There are certainly problems that can arise if you put another person in your relationship, so you and both of you need to be prepared. But the good news is that there is no presumption that just paternating a child with you makes someone a danger to your children. In some states, the laws provide for such scenarios, so both parents must support their unborn child. A father may be required to help a pregnant mother throughout the pregnancy.