Ferrari And Fia Agreement

F1 teams continue to put the FIA under pressure to reveal details of its secret deal with Ferrari following an investigation into the legality of its aggregate last year. The FIA has just announced, following « extensive technical studies », an agreement that will help Ferrari explore more environmentally friendly engine technologies. « It`s uncomfortable that there`s an agreement on the legality and compliance of a car, » said Christian Horner, Red Bull`s team leader. « It immediately makes you think: what`s in this agreement? What`s she made of? Because, of course, in our heads, he wears either legally or illegally. After the news of Ferrari broke with an illegal engine, an official protest was filed at the FIA. Investigations were carried out and Ferrari was found guilty and subsequently excluded from the use of the engine in question. It was recently learned that Ferrari and FIA have an agreement to keep the details of the investigation secret. « This type of agreement is a legal instrument recognized as an integral part of any disciplinary system and used by many public authorities and other sports federations in the handling of disputes. The seven will be unhappy too, the FIA has repeated that the agreement between them and Ferrari will remain confidential – as they want transparency.

We are now awaiting the joint response of the seven teams, but this statement does not indicate that they will withdraw. Expect the topic to be a big talking point when the F1 Brotherhood arrives in Melbourne next week, before the start of the Australian Grand Prix season. there`s always a trade-off between drag and drift, you can`t add a drift to a car without adding drag, it was the initial problem for Ferrari as they had less drift, so less air resistance. To add drift and maintain the straight speed of the line, the serge must be created by engine upgrades. « Clearly, there is nothing to be done but to fuel mistrust when there are private agreements on legality and compliance. The best thing would be to put it on the table so that everyone can see what it is made of. The FIA said they were ready to do that, it would be great if Ferrari were willing to do the same thing, so everything goes down. If it were a loophole, there would be no need for an « agreement. » If the FIA had found nothing wrong, there would have been no need for an agreement. Especially not with sanctions. It is not surprising that the FIA reacted harshly to the testimony of seven teams regarding the « settlement of accounts » of the confederation with Ferrari, rigorously defending its approach to the analysis they made on the engine of the Italian team and its decision to keep the agreement confidential.

« In order to avoid the negative consequences of a lengthy dispute, particularly in view of the uncertainty as to the outcome of such disputes and in the best interests of the league and its stakeholders, the FIA has decided, in accordance with Article 4, point ii), its judicial and disciplinary regulation (JDR), to conclude an effective settlement and deterrent agreement with Ferrari to close the proceedings. » There are many conspiracy thoughts here, but really the zero assumption is that Ferrari has done something that, for reasons of legality, is based on an interpretation of the text of the regs, while the FIA has interpreted the same thing, but differently. No matter who is right, this is the kind of case that can be dragged through the courts for a decade if no agreement is reached.