Outlook Service Level Agreement

While the customer account is active, CloudScale365, Inc. stores customer data, including the contents of private mailboxes and public records in the database information memory, Imactive Directory, log files and backups. CloudScale365, Inc. is not responsible for retaining customer data after the end of the account. All client data is deleted from servers after the client account is terminated and backups are terminated during the expected backup rotation. CloudScale365, Inc. is not authorized to restore, provide or send customer information related to terminated accounts, unless explicitly stated in a personalized service agreement. We support our commitment to achieving and maintaining service levels for each service. If we do not reach and maintain service levels for each service, as described in the service level agreement, you may be entitled to a credit on a portion of your monthly service charge. To learn more about our service level agreements for services, download the Service Level Agreement for Microsoft Online Services. You`ll find information on the system`s operating hours as well as information on security, data protection and compliance with Office 365.

Microsoft provides service credits when the availability of the service is covered by data protection credits. The total amount of the data protection credit assigned to the Customer for an account may not exceed 100% of the monthly fee charged to that account during the month for which the data protection balance is to be issued. In a month, only a data protection credit and a credit level are available. Notwithstanding the provisions contained in the agreement or this service level contract, the data protection credit described in Section XII is the Customer`s only and exclusive fix for losses resulting from a data protection event, as described in Section XII of this Service Level Agreement. Data transmission The server`s resources. Each account assigns storage capacity and data transfer amounts to CloudScale365, Inc. servers based on the plan you have chosen and the options you have selected. This memory size and data transfer allocations can be increased via the administrative control panel for a fee up to the maximum amount allowed for each plan or service. Servers can adjust the acceptance, processing or transmission of data when the purchased limit is reached, resulting in unavailability or loss of service data. CloudScale365, Inc. is not responsible for this unavailability or data loss.

Server resources are shared by all customers hosted on the same server. CloudScale365, Inc. configures servers, services and memory so that the customer is separated from other customers. However, the species cannot be guaranteed for shared resources, server levels and services. Microsoft Teams SLA is documented in microsoft Online Services Level Agreement. The agreement is available to the public through Microsoft here. You should refer to this document as an author and not as my blog. I`m not a lawyer and the agreement is between Microsoft and the client, but here`s a breakdown of the main points.

Microsoft therefore offers a service ALS compared to an ALS with 99.9 hours of operation per month, or up to 43 minutes 49.7 seconds of downtime per month before being exceeded. This corresponds to most other Office 365 services that also offer ALS with 99.9%. With GSX Gizmo, you can measure the quality of Service Office 365, which is really experienced by your users on all sites, and simply report them. By accepting, you access a service provided by an external service www.interlink.com/ availability service. CloudScale365, Inc. provides at least 99.999% service availability, measured on a calendar month basis. The availability of the service is defined as the ability of a user in the customer account (a) to access information from their mailbox and (b) to send and receive messages via their mailbox via services (Outlook MAPI, OWA, IMAP or POP3) that are used by mailbox, provided your account is active, in good condition and acti