Piikani Settlement Agreement

Piikani Investment Corporation is responsible for the development and/or approval of business plans for Piikani`s business entities (at the request of the Chief s and Council). Under the trust agreement, PIC is responsible for the preparation and approval of loan contracts or related documents, including debt issued with Piikani commercial entities or credit guarantee contracts with third-party financial institutions. PIC also has responsibility for where the Chief and Council ordered: In 2002, the voters of The Nation of Piikani approved a $64.3 million comparison with the governments of Alberta and Canada regarding Piikani`s water rights, which are affected by the headworks of Lethbridge Northern Irrigation in Oldman River. The funds were deposited with the Piikani Trust, which was governed by the Piikani Trust Agreement. The agreement also allowed the nation to acquire 10,300 A-H (4,200 ha) new reserve country. [12] The group then borrowed against the Trust to invest in industrial developments, and was then sued by a member of the group who accused of mismanagement. [13] The group then filed a lawsuit against a Calgary-based investment scammer who defrauded her of $23 million in the deal. [14] In 2012, the group`s investment firm, Piikani Investment Corporation, was restructured in bankruptcy courts. [15] Alleged mismanagement was part of an rcmp investigation in 2013. [16] Please pass a CV with a cover letter until December 18, 2020: bettina@piikaniinvestmentcorporation.com The ballots were counted on September 18 after three days of voting. Of the 1,848 voters, 1,250 voted, of which 720 were in favour of the agreement. The comparison nullifies the allegations that the Piikani Nation may have about water rights under the aborigines, treaty or common law, and presents the ongoing legal provisions relating to disputes, claims and jurisdiction concerning the « beds, banks and waters of the Oldman River, as it crosses the Piikani Reserve. » The agreement recognizes that the nation is « legally entitled to adequate amounts of water to meet its current and future needs, » documents provided by the nation said.

Four conditions had been negotiated outside of the successful vote on the settlement agreement. A $2.44 million environmental impact study is being conducted in the river valley. Members of the Piikani Nation will participate in the Oldman Dam Hydro project. The province and the nation of Piikani will develop a committee to look for new infrastructure and economic development initiatives. Finally, the province will repair the northern Lethbridge irrigation canal and where the Piikani Nation`s practical, labour and work resources are used to complete repairs. the Corporation is not directly interested in the proposals or projects it reviews, and the Corporation does not receive revenue, payments or commissions from investments. The exclusive financing of the company is independent through the trust agreement and is not subject to the result or recommendation of the company`s decision. The Piikani Investment Corporation (« PIC ») was created in part to help the Piikani Nation manage and access funds from the investment account; one of several accounts established by the tripartite agreement reached on July 16, 2002 between the governments of the Piikani Nation, the federal and provincial (AB) governments. As part of this agreement, the terms of mandate of La Piikani Investment Corporation are defined as a first step. This investment account can be used by the agent for a limited number of objectives, as defined in the trust agreement.

It may lend funds or loans to the nation to a Piikani company for the purpose of acquiring shares or a dominant interest in a Piikani entity. Piikani Business Entities are defined as companies in which majority ownership is held in favor of the nation, and are intended to operate commercial enterprises that generate profits for the benefit of the Piikani Nation or acquire land to become piikani nation country for the good of the nation. In particular, the agent may allocate funds from investment accounts; �